Welcome to Heal and Appease

Insightful trainings to help you realize your full potential

At Heal and Appease, we offer insightful personal development trainings for your mental well-being, career development and fulfillment

We tackle multidisciplinary topics (emotional intelligence, relationships management, self-confidence...) for a learning experience with proven effectiveness.

A Holistic Approach

  • Concepts

    A conceptual approach aimed at enhancing your critical thinking through introspection and self-awareness

  • Theory

    Theories derived from analytical psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy or neurolinguistic programming

  • Practicality

    A practical part including tangible tools and tried and tested techniques you can use in your everyday life

Our trainings offer you an opportunity for self-actualization and exploration of your potential, for a positive impact in your life and that of your surroundings, be it at home or at work 

Your Instructor

Certified CBT Practitioner

Soufiane El Alaoui

"If there's one thing I remind my clients amidst our first session, it’s the following. You may not have chosen your life circumstances, but you’ve always chosen how you reacted to every one of them. What you got in turn may not be in line with what you were looking for, and you’ve grown to not be fulfilled by your relationships, your job or any other life area. But you have within you the ability to bounce back, to take control of your behaviors, your thoughts and emotions, and align them with the person you know you could be to reach for your self-defined goals. Passionate about personal development and convinced by our individual capacity to reach for our fulfillment, my mission is to help you find the resources that will allow you to achieve your personal and professional goals. With my trainings and coaching sessions, I bring forth an approach aimed at the deep questioning of your lifetime beliefs and resulting habits that proved to be detrimental in the orientation of your life"