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Satisfied with your career development or your job? Do you often feel under pressure? Are you fulfilled in your relationships? Can you remain calm when you are frustrated, or communicate without arguing? Are you impulsive or disciplined? 

These problems can and will generate anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness or demotivation that we must learn to manage, and this is where I wish to help you. This course includes practical and relatable examples to understand how you can enhance your emotional intelligence at home and in the workplace, and make it useful for your life and personal development. 

With this training that includes teachings from analytical psychology, NLP or cognitive-behavioral therapy, you will:

  • Learn about the use of emotional intelligence in your relationships, your workplace and your life

  • Understand your emotional triggers and mitigate their influence on your moods and behaviors

  • Expand your self-awareness to identify your negative thought patterns and foster your self-control

  • Improve your empathy and active listening skills to strengthen your social and professional engagement

  • Recognize and manage your negative emotions (anger, stress, sadness)

  • Use tried and tested emotional intelligence tools to foster your fulfillment

This course is built to be pragmatic and to the point. Come and discover it by yourself,  you can access the first videos for free! 

This training is also:

  • Video

    1.5h of on-demand video with a supporting presentation to ease your learning experience

  • Ebooks

    8 comprehensive ebooks to enhance your learning experience and help you develop a critical thought process

  • Support

    Personalized support for all course-related questions and gain access to all of the training's updates

A Training with an extensive curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding Emotional Intelligence

  • 2

    Your Emotional Triggers

    • Understanding Behaviors

    • Distinguishing perceptions

    • The CBT Model - Understand Your Personality

    • Enjoying the course?

    • Your Irrational Beliefs

  • 3

    Develop A Critical Understanding Of Your Emotions

    • A Critical Outlook On Emotions

    • Joy And Sadness

    • Anger

    • Stress

  • 4

    The Emotional Intelligence Toolbox

    • Introduction To Emotional Intelligence Tools

    • Becoming Present

    • The Path To Acceptance

    • Understand Your Emotions

    • Restructure Your Thoughts

    • Review Your Self Talk

    • Reframe Your Perception

    • Discover Yourself

    • Manage Your Emotions

    • Improve Your Empathy

  • 5


    • Conclusion

    • Contact

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What they have to say about it

Excellent course

Mary Connaughton

Excellent, concisely delivered course. The content is both engaging and thought provoking and it’s delivered in a very relatable way. Highly recommend.

"Above my expectations"

Mary Berrier

This training has met and gone above my expectations. I was hoping for something that would help me deal with others' (& my own) stress and tension.



This training and the perspective it outlines will definitely help you through tough times. I've found here numerous principles I've experienced first hand in cognitive behavioral therapy. This course is a gem, I'm grateful I stumbled upon it.

Your Instructor

Certified CBT Practitioner

Soufiane El Alaoui

"If there's one thing I remind my clients amidst our first session, it’s the following. You may not have chosen your life circumstances, but you’ve always chosen how you reacted to every one of them. What you got in turn may not be in line with what you were looking for, and you’ve grown to not be fulfilled by your relationships, your job or any other life area. But you have within you the ability to bounce back, to take control of your behaviors, your thoughts and emotions, and align them with the person you know you could be to reach for your self-defined goals. Passionate about personal development and convinced by our individual capacity to reach for our fulfillment, my mission is to help you find the resources that will allow you to achieve your personal and professional goals. With my trainings and coaching sessions, I bring forth an approach aimed at the deep questioning of your lifetime beliefs and resulting habits that proved to be detrimental in the orientation of your life"

Ready to understand yourself?

Take responsibility for your feelings. Discover how to critically understand what goes on inside of you.


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