Don't be a victim of your complicated relationships

So, how are things going with your boss ? Your partner ? Your family and friends? Are your relationships as smooth as you hope they would be ? Or are you tolerating abusive or toxic setups, mismanaging conflicts, miscommunicating when you disagree with others, or being shown little to no respect for your boundaries? And how would you know if you weren't able to tell which behaviors are not ok? 

Now you may ask yourself, if you’re not looking to have respectful, genuine or constructive relationships, then what is it you’re after that could possibly be better than that?

Nurturing healthy relationships is a mindful process that encompasses the way you feel about yourself and about others. And it shows, in the way you talk or listen to them, and you may have realized that some attitudes, whether yours or that of your lover, manager, friends or family are a hindrance. But what’s the alternative?

With this training that features the best practices of social psychology, transactional analysis and NLP, you will:

  • Understand the common relationships dynamics that are unhealthy

  • Learn about the communicating and listening barriers that compromise our relationships

  • Understand how your internalized ideas, emotions and values interact with those of others

  • Apply essential skills to have respectful and caring relationships, which encompass empathy and assertiveness

  • Learn how to provide healthy feedback and communicate your anger constructively

  • Learn how to avoid misunderstandings and manage conflict constructively

This course is pragmatic and to the point. Come discover it by yourself, you can preview the first videos for free.

This training is also:

  • Video

    4.5h of on-demand video with a supporting presentation to ease your learning experience

  • Ebooks

    12 comprehensive ebooks to enhance your learning experience and help you develop a critical thought process

  • Support

    Personalized support for all course-related questions and gain access to all of the training's updates

A Masterclass with an extensive curriculum

  • 1

    Identify Your Unhealthy Relationships Patterns

  • 2

    The Communication Spectrum

    • Communication Fundamentals

    • The Non-Verbal Cues

    • Verbal Abuse - Part 1

    • Verbal Abuse - Part 2

    • Enjoying The Course?

    • Rethinking Conflit

    • The Conflict Management Guidelines

    • Conversation Depth

    • Avoiding Defensiveness: Content vs. Relationship

    • Appreciation

    • Different Types Of Communicators

  • 3

    The Listening And Responding Patterns

    • Are You A Good Listener?

    • The Listening Patterns

    • The Listening Misconceptions

    • The Twelve Roadblocks To Communication - Part 1

    • The Twelve Roadblocks To Communication - Part 2

    • The Twelve Roadblocks To Communication - Part 3

  • 4

    Tools For A Healthy Communication

    • Becoming Assertive - Why Bother

    • Becoming Assertive - Practice

    • Empathy Training - Introduction

    • Empathy Training - Levels Of Responding

    • Empathy Training - Become An Active Listener

    • A Powerful Conflict Resolution Tool

  • 5

    Tools To Deepen Your Relationships

    • Constructive Feedback Training - Introduction

    • Constructive Feedback Training - Identify Your Intentions

    • Constructive Feedback Training - Do's And Don'ts

    • Constructive Feedback Training - Ebook

    • Constructive Feedback Training - Receiving Feedback

    • Avoid Misunderstandings

    • Solve Conflicts

    • Avoid Conflict

    • Expressing Anger Constructively

    • Manage Your Anger

    • [Bonus] The Gibbs Categories

    • The Johari Window

  • 6


    • Conclusion

    • Contact

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What they have to say about it

Great training!

Joan S.

I highly recommend this training which helped me shed light on the behaviors of those around me that I should not have tolerated in the past, and for the tools I discovered that have taught me to be more assertive without being afraid of others' reactions.


Steven B.

Excellent training. I recognized some of my work related attitudes that I indulged in that surely have antagonized a couple of my team members. Seeing you categorize them as abusive leaves me puzzled by my lack of perspective to actually understand that I was part of the problem and didn't change then.

Eye opening


This training helped me realize that I was in a toxic relationship.

Your Instructor

Certified CBT Practitioner

Soufiane El Alaoui

"If there's one thing I remind my clients amidst our first session, it’s the following. You may not have chosen your life circumstances, but you’ve always chosen how you reacted to every one of them. What you got in turn may not be in line with what you were looking for, and you’ve grown to not be fulfilled by your relationships, your job or any other life area. But you have within you the ability to bounce back, to take control of your behaviors, your thoughts and emotions, and align them with the person you know you could be to reach for your self-defined goals. Passionate about personal development and convinced by our individual capacity to reach for our fulfillment, my mission is to help you find the resources that will allow you to achieve your personal and professional goals. With my trainings and coaching sessions, I bring forth an approach aimed at the deep questioning of your lifetime beliefs and resulting habits that proved to be detrimental in the orientation of your life"

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