Become more than you are

So… How’s life? Did you get used to that dreadful job you didn’t really like but pays your bills? Did you let go of those nasty habits you promised yourself you’d quit times and again? Do your relationships get any better with time? And do you still believe that your circumstances are to blame for your predicament?

Self-improvement is made by people who change themselves as they become aware that the consequences of remaining the same compromises their future, takes something meaningful away from them, maybe their health, their mental or emotional balance, their relationships, their fulfillment at work…

Yet a lot of us remain in jobs or relationships we hate and would rather complain about how things are going instead of taking new initiatives. Instead, we indulge in apathy, procrastination and a variety of empty pleasures or addictions to experience a temporary relief that helps us to unhealthily cope with what we’re going through, while worsening the underlying issues we’re trying to escape from. Until we’re much more miserable five years down the line and full of regret and resentment. However, amidst the rise of anxiety, depression or disenchantment our generation is facing, we may wonder, what’s the alternative?

With this training that features the best practices of cognitive behavior therapy, behavioral psychology, NLP and much more, you will:

  • Discover how to take further responsibility in your career or personal life

  • Discover a framework to categorize the main types of problems you have in life

  • Discover the dysfunctional mindsets you adopt that keep you from making progress

  • Discover how you pick up bad habits, procrastination or addictions and the means to overcome them

  • Learn how to derive more meaning out of life: define your life vision and desired goals and find the practical means to take action

  • Learn how to better manage your emotions, shift your mindset and behaviors to align them with who you could be

  • Discover how to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs to get on a path of self-improvement

This course is pragmatic and to the point. Come discover it by yourself, you can preview the first videos for free.

This training is also:

  • Video

    6.5h of on-demand video with a supporting presentation to ease your learning experience

  • Ebooks

    16 comprehensive ebooks to enhance your learning experience and help you develop a critical thought process

  • Support

    Personalized support for all course-related questions and gain access to all of the training's updates

A Masterclass With An Extensive Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction - Uncovering Your Shortcomings

  • 2

    Engineering your life

    • Your life vision

    • 06. Define your life vision

    • Your life areas

    • Your specific life goals

    • Your life values

    • Defining your core values

    • Are you free?

    • The downsides of agreeableness

    • The traps of competition

    • Fixed role therapy

    • Find your purpose

    • Find your purpose - Questionnaire

    • Setting better goals - Part 1

    • Setting better goals - Part 2

    • The goal setting ebook

  • 3

    Change your behaviors

    • Introduction to behavioral changes

    • The environment traps

    • Rewards and punishments

    • Figuring out what works

    • Have a tracking system

    • Make a schedule

    • Make a schedule - ebook

  • 4

    Manage your emotions

    • Emotional management introduction

    • Make peace with your past

    • Express your anger constructively

    • Manage your anger

    • Beating procrastination

    • Toxic positivity

    • Law of attraction: An Analytical outlook

    • Exposure therapy

    • A guide to self-awareness

    • Anchoring

  • 5

    Elevate your mindset

    • Mindset section - Introduction

    • Acceptance

    • Believe... But don't expect

    • A shift in your perception

    • Identifying your real needs

    • The Lazarus Technique

    • Cognitive Behavior Modification

    • The belief modification ebook

  • 6

    Becoming more than you are

    • Humility

    • Problem solving

    • Leadership

    • Grow your relationships

  • 7


    • Conclusion

    • Contact

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What they have to say about it

The real deal

John Garcia

This is the real deal. This isn’t the first of your courses I’m taking and I discovered through your announcement that you had published a new one. So much consistency in the quality of what you provide us with, thank you for yet again another eye-opening training.

A much needed wake-up call

Carla Sisk

I subscribed to this training after following your latest webinar on well-being at work. I must say, this course was a much needed wake-up call. Complete in every way, thank you Soufiane.

Your Instructor

Certified CBT Practitioner

Soufiane El Alaoui

"If there's one thing I remind my clients amidst our first session, it’s the following. You may not have chosen your life circumstances, but you’ve always chosen how you reacted to every one of them. What you got in turn may not be in line with what you were looking for, and you’ve grown to not be fulfilled by your relationships, your job or any other life area. But you have within you the ability to bounce back, to take control of your behaviors, your thoughts and emotions, and align them with the person you know you could be to reach for your self-defined goals. Passionate about personal development and convinced by our individual capacity to reach for our fulfillment, my mission is to help you find the resources that will allow you to achieve your personal and professional goals. With my trainings and coaching sessions, I bring forth an approach aimed at the deep questioning of your lifetime beliefs and resulting habits that proved to be detrimental in the orientation of your life"

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